Adversity Remix
RR: 8.0
We seem to be well-served for new remixes now: Justin follows up Radian Remix with this small but intense deathmatch arena.  Given that the previous map was actually chosen by Darth Animal (who is doing the actual exporting from UT/importing into NAB, before Justin does the clever stuff), and that Justin's next choice is Affinity Remix, I think Justin intends to go through the alphabet, converting all the coolest UT maps to NAB.  Sounds like a good plan to me, though if he releases one every day we are all going to get a bit burnt out!
  There are some tlabcomp textures here, so make sure you have that particular texture file (or grab it from the Star Wars Clan site); otherwise, Justin has made rather good use of Barracuda textures.  I have played this map, and I have played the UT original, and I am still not entirely sure what it is meant to be... just a strange medieval house, built by someone more used to designing galleons, with elevators?  Justin tells me "Darth said that in the UT version there are tons of 5 health point vials.  So, I made tons of suitpowerplusses that only heal you 5, not 50, and made them "superheal" (you get extra life even if you already have 100 HP or more...your health doesn't go over 200, though.).  I added a secret or two to the map, you can go on the roof if you just...well, maybe you can figure it out by yourself:).  The bots play very well here, and even pick up the double damage under the stairs!  (Well, ramp, not stairs...)"
  One spawning point is handy for teleporting onto the roof-hatchway, though you need to move carefully to grab what is up there; the 5-healthpoint belts work nicely, even if they take up more room than the UT vials.  All in all, a nice deathmatch arena, sensibly retextured and stocked with the pick-ups we know and love... and downloadable from us!