Adam's Living Room
RR: 7.0
Adam brings us a (relatively) faithful rendition of his family's living room.  That's him standing on top of the birdcage in this screenshot, and we can see the television in the background, with the video (and satellite or cable box?) underneath, plus armchairs - and is that an electric fire?  I asked him if the room really had a dirt floor, but that's just the closest texture he could find to the right colour.
  Doing one of these "tiny players in giant real-life style room" maps will always invite comparison with others, such as Bathroom Remix and Breakfast Remix.  While this place is fun, with teleporters and hidden rooms and so on, it obviously has not had as much time and care spent on it as some of them.  It is excellent work, as far as it goes, but to get the full "wow" effect you need to think of custom texture packs, and generally all the expertise of a more experienced modeller and mapper.
  Adam has certainly come on a long way in a short time with his maps; I wouldn't know how to start a project like this, but Adam went in and did it, and did it well, considering his comparative lack of experience.  At this rate, it won't be long before he is scoring ratings of 9.0!