1 on 1 Church Remix
RR: 8.0
A good-looking place, as you can see, remixed to NAB by Flame - the only drawback really is that, as well as the tiny GreatFire texture pack (12.9KB), it also uses the massive ShaneChurch pack, which weighs in at 4.82MB.  And texture packs don't zip down as well as maps!  Still, that is a useful texture pack to have - and if you happen to have it already, or have it on your computer in an Unreal Tournament textures folder, then you're ahead of the game.
  As with any good "1 on 1" arena, things are fairly uncomplicated here when it comes to gameplay.  You have the one main room, as seen in the screenshot, with two levels; off to two sides you have side-rooms with lifts to take you up.  You can see the whomper down below, and the megapower up above - there are other weapons and pick-ups, though there isn't room for the whole range.  So, plenty of action here for two players, in a very good-looking arena.  You should be able to find the download either with or without ShaneChurch included - so this looks like a good investment!

Go here for the download!