1 on 1 Lego Remix
RR: 8.0
A new Lego-style map, this time remixed by Darth Animal, and using a different texture file - which is included in the download: DavidMLego.  It even includes a large smiling photograph of "DavidM" himself, which is pasted on the wall in one corridor!
   As is often the case, it was only when Darth was proudly showing his first visitor around the new arena that we spotted some fairly unsubtle "clipping" on one small bit of wall.  It's a shame that it's there, but it is fairly out of the way, ad doesn't hurt the gameplay - which is good!
   While this is in theory a map for two players, Darth has put enough weaponry in for a larger number, up to seven even!  At that level, even with Bots who do occasionally get caught in corners, it is a whole lot of fun, and the lego textures seem a bit more "realistic" than in BlockBuster and our other Lego maps.  Lighting verges on the moody, and, well, this is a nice place for a fun battle.  I would suggest you grab this map; all the Lego maps have been good, and this is no exception.
go here for the download!