1-on-1 walking amongst us
RR: 9.0
That intrepid Egyptologist, CurtSquirt (or Crossfire, or just Curt I guess) has produced a new NAB map for our delight and edification.  Basically, it is rather similar to Tiggy's recent Khufu map, but with plenty of "bells and whistles" - or added cool stuff. 
  So, we are inside a pyramid again - one those crazy ol' pharaohs really went to town on, with some gorgeously-themed textures (I assume they come from the site Tiggy recommended), the boingiest bouncer you could hope to jump off, and a modestly understated mover (indicated in the map, and the screenshot, by that yellow arrow) which takes you up to the very top of the room, where a triple strike is waiting for you.  I could not discover any hidden rooms or secret passages, though the whomper and the electroshield are a bit tucked away.
   There isn't much more that I need to say, because the screenshot says so much.  Ramps, stairs, bouncers, hanging platforms - if anything this is a little large for a "1 on 1" map (though the lack of health power-ups makes it excellent for such games), so don't feel you have to avoid it if you have two or three friends to entertain.  I brought in a pair of Bots, who seemed happy enough to do battle with me; maybe the standard ration of six of them would make things too frantic, but this is certainly one of the best NAB maps there is.
    Perhaps may have been a little "RR inflation" in recent ratings - but it will still be a while before someone gets a perfect twelve, I think.  On the basis of his work here, Curt could well be the first person to break through the 10 barrier...
direct from Curt!