RR: 8.0

Back in the days before Ace's CTF mod, SLAM came up with an ingenious way to have a similar kind of game using the existing Nerf Arena mechanics: "Target Tag".  I've had a few good games of that, with one team member having to press a button in the enemy base, allowing another team member to get the team points by firing at now-revealed points targets in their home base - and the best "TT" map was definitely TT 2001, made by SLAM.  Now
has done the logical thing, and converted the map for CTF.

So, in a way this map deserves a 9.5 rating... but it is a remix, or rather just a rejig, adding Ace's CTF to it, with the two flags etc, so one can't pretend there was a huge effort involved.  And of course it does need a minimum of four online players, preferably six or more, bots will fight but they won't get involved in actual flag-capturing.  Still, it's big, and it is clever, and I'm glad we have it among our range of CTF maps!