CTF-2 Pyramids ][ Remix
RR: 8.0

Apparently this is a map that Darth Animal and Flame used to enjoy playing in UT, so Darth thought it would be a good candidate to add to roster of NAB CTF maps.  "It's a nice map to play in UT, certainly, Flame introduced me to it.  Much of the Bot action seems to take place in the watery depths...apologies for having some grass inside the pyramids, but I wanted the outside area to be grassy, and it's set up so that it continues inside for a little way", Darth reports.

Anyway, this map does seem to be a good place to play CTF - not too big or too complex, with the main straight route between the two bases - and the underwater way!  I'd agree that the bots do seem to be fond of swimming, here, so if you have some real players you can easily cover both routes.  At the moment, the map is a "Beta 4" - grab it and check it out, along with the "Egypt" texture file if you haven't yet got it!