Ace's Lair 1 BETA
RR: unf
SLAM may have a Homestead, but Ace has got a lair.  And I assume it is unfinished, or he wouldn't have put "1 Beta" on the title!  I can't say that it is my idea of a lair, but it looks a decent playing arena.  As well as this central room, with all the good stuff on the higher level, you get four outer rooms, each with a hypershot at the top of a ramp.  The rooms are linked by corridors around, and also each one is linked to the centre, with a triple strike conveniently placed en route.
          So, just the rocket weapons, and the pistol of course.  This rather limits the styles of gameplay here, but if you are good with the triple strike and the hypershot, this arena should be to your liking!  It ought to be fast and furious, if not particularly subtle, so go for it, and see what you think!