Agony Remix
RR: 7.5
Well, Tracer had a try at remixing this map a fair while back (see this page), but never actually managed to finish it - no problems for Storm however, who brings us a workmanlike, Championship Arena-textured version of what was, in its day, a very popular Unreal Tournament map. Agony is a nice map, I've played it in UT often enough - I miss the stained glass windows, but maybe it's best not to have them as they are a bit naughty!  The one problem is that, as NAB characters are bigger than UT ones, the tallest NAB figures, such as Ted, are too tall to get through one particularly low-ceilinged part, which would rather hamper gameplay.

I'm not entirely sure that it lends itself to NAB's strengths, but it's a solid arena, and well worth checking out - particularly if you play one of the shorter characters!
from Storm's own site!