Maralia Remix
RR: unf
Another beautifully converted UT map comes to NAB, courtesy of Darth Animal - it needs the special richrig UT texture file, which you probably already have - or pick it up here.  It is also used in Darth's Obscura Remix and Vindictive Remix, and gives a nicely "lived-in" look to an arena, with splended muted rust tones and other stuff - as you can see here.
  Well, this is not a huge map; 2-4 players is the suggested load.  This is not yet the finished version, being a "Beta 3" for us to play-test.  Get rid of the square moon outside, maybe move a couple of weapons a little away from the wall, and it would be fine.  The water textures are about the most convincing I've seen, the lava looks good (and you can't fall in it), the megapower is in a very strange place, weapons and ammo seem fine, and the health seems reasonable too.  Two levels, a textured lift (or ramps) between them - the Bots are fine here, and all in all it is a good arena to look at and to play.  To listen to as well, as Darth has put in a number of nicely appropriate ambient sound effects too!  Darth's main contribution is the choosing of the map to remix, and this seems a pretty good choice, as far as I can see.  So check out the bottom of the Star Wars Clan page and grab it - or wait for the final version pretty soon, I suppose...