Maths Arena
RR: 7.5
Adam has learnt how to texture movers - and now, his very first attempt at a skybox! True, you can't go outside the confines of this pinkish structure, on which Adam himself and Blobblob are kindly posing - but the view is fine!  There are still visible corner and roof lines, but that applies to a lot of skyboxes by experienced mappers.
  The other main gimmick with this map is that the first room you spawn in poses you a challenge - shoot the target area beneath the correct answer, and the door opens to room 2.  And so it goes, through room 96... well actually I am lying, the third room is the armoury, so stock up on everything there, and go through the teleporter to this thre-tier fighting arena!  You respawn back at the start when blown away, but it doesn't really take long to get back, and you need the armoury, as the battle area has ammo, but no weapons.
  So, a worthwhile map to get, and plenty of fun for a small download.  The battle arena works fine - and it all makes me look forward to Adam's future work.