RR: 8.0
An interesting new map from Blue_Ghost2 here, with at least three secret rooms to find.  Two of them just have a whomper battery and a teleporter which deposits you above the middle of the roof, high enough to snag the megashield there; the third has some health and the nerfcannon, which is useful as it must be the best way of triggering the 1000-point target that is at the bottom of the central well.  The two sets of stairs take you up to the two galleries, from which it is possible to leap across onto that roof.  Oh, and the untextured circle with the pulsator on it is a bounce pad, which is a nice touch.
          So, not every weapon here, just the most useful ones.  It seems to me that, secret rooms aside, this place ought to flow pretty well, with not too high a player load - two to four, perhaps?  The textures are nicely defined and generally understated.  Not everyone likes points targets, but in a small, fierce- fighting arena like this they add a little extra strategy, so I have no problems there.  In play, there may be some similarities with Orbital Bonus and Luna Bonus Two, on a smaller scale, so I think this ought to be good fun.  
needed for this map - check to see if you already have it!