RR: 9.0
A new map from SLAM - not a remix, not a huge project involving more polygons than most computers know how to handle - just 100% of your daily requirements of SLAMness, and a great relief it was to appear under the wheeling night sky outside a massive, but not huge, stone fortress.  "In my opinion, an excellent use of the Quake3a.utx file, and a map that will convert well to UT", SLAM notes on his maps page.  You can't argue with that, can you?
   Well it looks a good place to fight; it looks a good place, period, with the massive Quake 3 stonework blending with unexpected touches.  Take this screenshot - that isn't a mirror beyond the scattershot, it's a teleporter!  And the ones on either side of it are relaections in the mirrored sides of the room!  What I find a little surprising is that in places SLAM has made the stonework see-through, as on the right where you can see those yellow lines through it - it adds a nicely futuristic touch, somehow...
   It's nice to see our top mapmaker keeping in touch by making a solid, enjoyable deathmatch arena like this.  You are going to grab it, right?