Mini Log-Forts
RR: 8.0
When I reviewed Dax's Log Forts map, I commented that it was good, but that it would really need about six people per team to play it properly - and where were you likely to find that many players, all with the map, all online at the same time?  Dax has taken my words to heart, and come up with what is basically a smaller version of the same idea, suitable for two or three people per team.
  Now, this is more like it; it is not a big map, as you can see, and the twin forts are not far apart - with just some concealed water (pretending to be grass set two inches lower than the rest, until you step on it!) to slow transit down a little.  As before, you can teleport to a couple of sniper points, set into the trees; weapons are generously supplied, and each fort has a cache of health for you.
  So, an excellent map I think; I introduced some Bots and they seemed to like it too.  The skybox may be a little weird, but all in all this is a nice map for a good, fast-moving team game - or just for a general pointblast scramble, of course!
   And this was a fairly logical map to be converted to Ace's CTF mod; Elven Nerfer has done it for us, so time to check it out again!