Mos Eisley Remix
RR: 8.5
  This is the new remix that Darth Animal has been working on, based on one of the Unreal Tournament maps in the latest "Star Wars Map Pack".  It is a big place - while this is a "deathmatch" arena, in UT it is also available for "Capture the Flag", and what you see in this screenshot is only one of the two ends.  The flag goes where the electroshield is, in the screenshot; that door into the big central building, with a red sign over it, leads down to the spaceport area, where the Millenium Falcon is docked - a second staircase from there takes you up into the other half of Mos Eisley.   There is also a "pedestrian underpass" that links the two ends, while you may also find it just possible to jump over the dividing wall in one place!
   NAB players are larger than UT ones, so it is not possible to go inside the Millenium Falcon unfortunately - in fact, some taller characters may get themselves jammed if they try to walk up the ramp!  It doesn't really pay any part in the gameplay, however, and looks pretty cool from outside.  And the pair of landspeeders look great too, though they don't move!  There are a lot of doors in this map - they are for decoration only, so don't bother standing by them waiting for them to open...
  So, a very large map, though one where it is quite easy to work out the layout - unlike some other maps in the "Map Pack", with endless Death Star corridors and teleporters.  So, you are invited to turn up the heating, and start exploring the best-known desert planet in the Star Wars universe.  Bring your own "scum and villainy"...
  And now Chris has adapted the map for Ace's version 1.0 of CTF, which ought to be good, as long as you can get at least six players online together here!

Do make sure you download both the Pointblast and CTF versions of the map - the texture files you need are only provided in the Pointblast zip file!