Mystic Cave
RR: 8.0
An interesting new map from G.Wynn, with some help on the conceptual side from Rebel R.X. - "He gave me the idea of what he wanted in the map.  It was a 50/50 thing of ideas, so when you go to put my name in the author's spot, put Rebel's name besides mine", he says.
  Credit on a smaller scale should also go to Sean, as G.Wynn re-used the main hall of Sean's old
map as one part of this, though if you'd not been told you wouldn't really recognise it.  You start in an open-air arena a bit like a small part of Forest; a special gateway takes you to the area shown above, while the corridor takes you to the whomper room, and on to the Matrix room... look out for little depressions in the walls, as they tend to be teleporters - they move you around the map, or on to a special room with the shield in it.
  Some very nice texture work, and a few imported models I think, plus the first area's skybox (also glimpsed through windows in the roof later), makes for a nice place to explore.  Blazing torches add to the atmosphere (the UT texture GreatFire.utx should be in the zip file), and there's even a custom sound file, pistonlp.uax, to go in the sounds folder...