Naboo Remix
RR: 7.5
Flame seems to have used a number of texture files here, and there are certainly some interesting effects in this "Star Wars" (Episode One) style map, though it doesn't remind me too much of Queen Amidala's palace now.
  This is a large map; the spacecraft hangar is only one of the main areas, there are stairwells and corridors and small rooms - and, just visible through that open doorway in the screenshot, a vast and bottomless generator room with multiple walkway levels, and great columns of energy.  This all makes this a map to explore rather than fight in, unless you bring in at least a dozen Bots, but it is certainly well worth getting.  The size of the place means that Flame probably had to do more work on textures here than he would have had to do to start from scratch on an original map...  
  Certainly a fun place to explore; perhaps ATAT Barge Remix and TieBay Remix are better places to play in, but the Star Wars Clan certainly delivers some excellent maps these days!