Night Ops Remix (retex)
RR: 7.5
B-Ball originally remixed this map, using Luna textures - but now, with B's permission and indeed assistance, Dax has come along and retextured the whole place.  The gameplay should be the same, but boy does the place look different!
  The screenshot says more than I ever can about this.  The map seems entirely changed, with brick and stone instead of the comfortable indoor texturing we have been used to.  Anyone who wants to get involved in remixing ought to study the two versions carefully, as they show what a difference your choices of texture can make.
  This map may not be entirely finished, as Dax sent this version to B-Ball for his feedback.  Some places are a little dark, I think, so that you have to use the scattershot in dark corners if you want to see what textures there are there.  So, no download link yet, though we intend to add one as soon as the map is declared to be finished.