Obscura Remix
RR: 7.5
I am being a bit mean with the rating, I think - but, nice though this is, it is only a remix - Darth Animal couldn't make an original map if he tried, he just knows how to import and re-texture maps from Unreal Tournament.  That said, he has chosen a good arena here; he has been quick, too, as it is at the time of release the featured map, in its UT incarnation, on the Planet Unreal site: "A near perfect deathmatch map. DM-Obscura has nearly no flaws and almost perfect bot support, combined with sheer beauty", they say!
   And the texturing in this NAB version is pretty darn similar, as he has used the same textures file - one rather popular in UT, richrig, though I have not come across it before in NAB.  It comes in the zip file, boosting it up to a respectable but not overwhelming 2.03MB.
    So, the Bots like it, there is plenty of up-and-down "z axis" action, a couple of megajumps are supplied to allow you to reach two rather commanding towers where a megapower and a whomper can be discovered, there are textured movers - there is even a rather pointless invisible teleporter to move you a few yards on the ground floor, so that instead of the second megapower in the map, you find yourself grabbing the wildfire!
     I don't think this will replace Urban Terror Remix as the best and most popular recent release, but it is a nice fighting, nice-looking arena, and with SLAM busy preparing maps for the upcoming CTF
mod's release, we need a steady supply of such maps from somewhere, right?