Obsessive Remix
RR: 8.0
Darth Animal presents another of his up-to-the-minute remixes of top Unreal Tournament maps, with, like Urban Terror Remix, just about identical texturing to the original.  No wonder he has been quiet for the last few days!  Just look at the detail in that screenshot - I know that the design is down to the original creator for Unreal Tournament, Chris 'Plutonic' Blundell, and all Darth has done is reassemble the jigsaw really, but the end result is still pretty stunning...
  Well, the Bots seem happy here; there are lifts, there is water (though only a tiny trough deep enough to swim in), there are plenty of levels, and Darth has been reasonably generous with ammo, health and weapons, assuming that you keep to 2-4 players in this arena.  We seem to have lost a pair of teleportation points, which is by no means a bad thing, and the skybox isn't as neat as the UT one, but - well, look at it!  Is that prime eye candy, or what?