Operation: Payback
RR: tba
This is the first map in a single-player anti-terrorist campaign, put together by Flame.  "I plan more maps..... at the end of each map you'll find the passcode to unzip the next Version.  In this map you must climb up the Guard Tower, finish the enemy up there and use the elevator to the top. Go on the platform and you got it."
  You start by spawning over a pool of acid, so the first thing to do is swim to the exit.  Find  yourself a pulsator and ammo, then kill the two Bot guards on this level - when killed, not only do you get their weapons,you should also find that they leave behind a shield and some health!  Climb a ladder, then take an elevator, and you reach the "Maze" section, where more terrorist guards await you.  Somewhere there is a way to get to the top of the level - as you can see, at least one guard is patiently waiting!
  If you get killed, you will need to re-start the map,wise you won't find guards, weapons or elevator waiting.  The Bots are likely to outscore you, as they too respawn over that acid pool, and swim, shoot at each other, and get slurped and respawn all the time!
  More comments, and a rating, once I have found my way through that maze to whatever I am supposed to find...but it is certainly clever and ingenious.  Flame also provides a "walktrough1" in case you get stuck, available to download separately.