RR: 7.5

As I understand it, the "1213" refers to Sk8er's birthday, and the whole name is meant to be the same sort of  catalogue number that destinations in Stargate SG-1 have, in case you were wondering... You can see the actual "stargate" towards the top left, partially obscured by one of the mountains, and if you spawn in the gate room you can pass through from there into the main alien area, which, while rather dominated by all those miniature mountains, is certainly a good-looking place.

However, I do find this map to be very unstable - it may just be my computer set-up, but NAB does tend to close suddenly, leaving just an error-message window, within 30 seconds of starting here.  It may be different for you; it's not going to do any harm to your computer, so by all means try it, but I would advise against anyone adding this to a server rota.