Armagedon (beta 2)
RR: 7.0
This is a great improvement over the first beta of the map, with Braveheart making it possible to see where you are on the upper, "ground" level; you can now jump down the hole (close to where the cursor is in the screenshot), grabbing the pick-ups, without killing yourself, as you land in water - be careful when you dive for the teleporter at the bottom, or you will get scorched by the lower lava level!
  Braveheart has also added a number of corridors drilled into the rock, which are a bit tricky to get to, unless you have a guide for your first visit!  There are hidden entrances and teleporters around on the surface - one side of a pyramid, for example, or the gap between two little hills.  There are some weapons around, and a shield and a megapower - in fact, the ground level makes quite a fun fighting place.  Half the time you can only make out your adversaries from the "muzzle flash", but it all makes for a different sort of fight.
  So, good work, and the next beta, if it shows as much improvement as this one does over the one before, ought to be even more of a nice, original arena.