Professional Arena
RR: 9.0
A "big brother" for the well-loved and familiar Amateur Arena from SLAM here.  He has used the bright, inviting Amateur textures, and a lot of the basic ideas of the old place; you will even find the "yahoo slide" and some other pretty familiar places in there, and some old elements treated in a new way.  We all know the old arena so well, from its endless server-cyclings and the demo version before, that tampering with the lay-out is...well, refreshing!
  Some canny design here, as you would expect; lots of corridors, the occasional teleporter, even a pool of sluping-slime to avoid falling into, though falls in a couple of other places just propel you down the slide.  You can find the shield and the doubler, and most weapons - the pulsator seems to be in a similar place to the old map, but the set-up doesn't seem to work.  No trigger to open the door to it, instead you just leap at the door and i retreats from you - but when I did that, I didn't end up holding the weapon, and it didn't seem to respawn either...
  In some ways the old map is a little more sophisticated, with triggers, doors and jump-pads, not to mention points-targets, but in other ways, including "eye candy", this is a most satisfactory sequel.  Grab it right away, and start learning the lay-out!
this is the place to go!