RR: 7.5
Well, I was tempted to give this a higher score, as it is a pretty original map that Flame has come up with, assisted on the ideas front by his friend Zango.  Three large rooms with low gravity, with plenty of lava pits to try to avoid (though one of them does hide a secret!), plus a pair of short side-corridors, with to-and-fro teleporters at the ends, as well as whompers...and a hovering platform over the middle.
  A nice open large map for two to four players, then.  When I was flying about in order to take the screenshot, I noticed a tiny bit of "clipping", but that doesn't matter - what is a little strange is that the upper surface of that central platform has greeny tiles on it, but if you leap up from it, a white frame-shaped area appears.  Worth going there for the shield and doubler, though!
  The two main end-rooms have, well, "sniping platforms", one with the hyperstrike, one with the pulsator; platforms high on the walls on either side, reached by teleporters from the nearby (non-lava) holes, have the other regular NAB weapons, while the TS can be reached by a well-judged leap from the central platform.
   Open maps like this are usually good, and this is innovative, while keeping with familiar textures to make sure the file size stays small.  Good players can have a good game here, for the cost of only a small download.  Plenty of ammo, and health... I feel a bit mean only giving a 7.5 score, but it is a pretty simple set-up, and I do want to leave myself room to give higher marks to Flame's future maps, which, I think, are going to deserve pretty high ratings.