RR: 9.0
This is the first new map for Ace's new "Capture the Flag" mod to be released, after Ace's own reworking of Hall of Giants Remix to accompany the mod itself.  And it's not a remix - instead, SLAM
has taken his fairly popular
Red Psi regular NAB map, doubled it, and put the flags at either end.  he also added some extra cool stuff, like the central bridge you can see.
  While the two teams seem to all spawn together initially, leading to a hectic shooting-match (and since you don't know which team you've landed on, Twisters or Barracudas, that's one fight you may not win!), and the bots (as before) are really not clued up about the significance of the flags, for a multiplayer experience, this looks hard to beat.  While fairly large, the original Red Psi was always a bit claustrophobic - opening it up like this is an excellent idea.
   The bar in the screenshot is the Barracuda flag, by the way - you can see signs of the two Bot teams battling in the background.  This ought to become a pretty popular venue for online CTF - I look forward to seeing what else SLAM has got up his sleeve!
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