Radian Remix
RR: 8.0
This is a pretty new "Capture the Flag" Unreal Tournament map, remixed by Justin with a little assistance (importing the untextured arena to NAB) from Darth Animal.  And I think it is rather fine, actually!  See that bouncepad at the bottom left?  There are quite a few around, and they bounce you along at an angle, so that it is possible to leap straight from one to the next, and the next...
  I couldn't find any health in this map; the megashield is as near as you come.  Also, the streams of lava you can see are just coloured water, so don't be put off moving along the lower level!  The night sky is fine, the texturing (while radically different from the UT version) seems to work pretty well, and Bots seem happy to play along with you., including using the bounce-pads.
  So, a fine new addition to your maps folder, I think.  Not as large as some "CTF" style maps, it works fine for all-out pointblast, so invite some friends, or some Bots, and get busy!