Railroad - and CTF-Railroad!
RR: 7.5
Along with Desert Storm, this is one of the first maps released by Chris - and it presents a bit of a problem for a reviewer, as what it is is a simplified version of the popular Unreal Tournament "Assault" map HiSpeed - and we already have the full version available to us as HiSpeed Remix, one of the most popular NAB remixes that Lucky made for us...
  It's quite an achievement to set up the mechanics of HiSpeed, even greatly simplified, and for that the map deserves a high rating - but are many people going to play this map, when the full version is just as easy to get?  It's a problem!  Still, judged on its own merits, this is clever stuff.
   Chris has also released a version fo Ace's "Capture the Flag" (version 1.0) mod - the bots can't play the mod properly, but for multiplayer, this should be fun!