Sequoia Night Beta 1
RR: speedblast
A new speedblast map, not quite finished, by Blue_Ghost2 using sequoia textures and a looong drop to the ground, reminiscent in that of Tiggy's Thunder!  It all seems to work pretty well, with proper respawning, and jumps that are just about possible.  At this stage it's missing weapons and other pick-ups, while the lighting is not fully done, and it needs the "delayed start" so that racers start off together.
          Still, the potential is certainly there for this to be the best all-new speedblast map.  Not as good as some of the originals, mind!  It's logical that Blue_Ghost2 would be the one to make such a map, as he is more of a speedblast fan than most of us, and pretty good at most of the tracks.  And for the rest of us - well, a good speedblast makes a change, yes?