Sion Remix
RR: 7.5
Unlike Sion Remix Beta,there should be no huge texture files needed here; Darth Animal must have started again from scratch, and if you compare the screenshots, you will see that he has gone for a darker, less well-scrubbed approach.  You do need Tux_the_Penguin's PU-TL-window texture file, but that is very small and included in the zip file; otherwise, mostly tlabcomp textures have been used, and with any luck you already have that file!  If you find you need it, you can find it here.
  Darth has chosen a good UT map to remix, as usual - one with an awful lot of cobwebs in it, so if you don't like walking through a cobweb, well, don't say I didn't warn you!  There are lifts to the different levels, and ramps, and plenty of weapons and ammo and pick-ups, and the Bots seem to play well here, leaping from ramp to ramp and grabbing all the pick-ups.  The skybox, glimpsed through the cobweb-rich roof windows, seems fine, with the clouds moving at a believable rate for once; generally, you can believe that this is a real building, which is always a plus point.
   So, a well-chosen UT arena, retextured reasonably nicely, and ready for your playing pleasure!