Sniper Garden
RR: 7.5
Another new mapmaker strikes: Flame, and his first release is more than a match for other debuts.  The name tells us the intention - a map where the sniper is king, with cover, good vantage points, and a fair quantity of imagination.  Some useful stuff is in the room set in the wall over on the right, and generally Flame has resisted the "newbie" temptation to scatter weapons and pick-ups all over the place.  If you want to be well armed and armoured, you have to work at it!
  The screenshot shows you the layout; you can reach the main building's roof from inside, and I seem to remember some teleportation in the place as well - but nothing extreme!  As a place for a sneaky battle for a fairly small group of people, this ought to be a pretty attractive map, and I look forward to seeing more from its maker, a player who is not only in about five clans - he is a senior officer in most of them...
Warning:  This map needs the Ancient texture file to run - and that is a massive 9.69MB, if you can find it!  It's too big for us to post, sorry... we can however give you a link to get the Matex texture file, also needed - click here!