Slums of NYC Remix
RR: 8.0
This map, remixed by Flame, is a little reminiscent of Condemned Remix - in fact, be sure you have FeEdiKo's fine arena first, as this one uses the same texture files, I think!
  Well, Flame hs done a really nice job here, including plenty of sounds, and pick-ups in places you may have to think about how to get to!  If you like the earlier map, then with any luck you will like this one too, I know I do.  The central building doesn't have an interior starirwell, and you can't dash round all four sides, so gameplay here is no mere copy of the original.  The texturing is excellently done, including the background skyscrapers that add a bit to the atmosphere - well, don't just take my word for it, check out the above screenshot.  Good, isn't it?
the place with the map!