Space   (PM_space)
RR: 4.5
This is a first map for CPU Wizard; he has been asking questions on the NAB Forums, and has been getting answers, and now he has been able to make a quite playable map, with four rooms linked by crossing corridors.  He has got textures, and sounds, and all the weapons except the whomper.  He may not have put his name on the credits that appear at the start, and he may have used an underline rather than a hyphen so that the map actually appears under "p" on your drop-down list for server- making, but it is a good, proper start.  That the sidewinder is a little too far into its corner, so that it almost vanishes into the wall, is hardly unprecedented; that the starscapes are actually flat rather than a view into 3-D space is no big deal.
          So, nothing here for SLAM or Sk8er or Ace or Curt to worry about, at least at the moment, but if CPU Wizard keeps on, asking questions as he goes, and getting either direct answers or links to tutorials etc, then this could be the first step on a pretty long and rewarding road.  As first steps go, it is a pretty confident stride.