Spiridian Remix Beta 5
RR: unf
I asked Ace if it was possible to import a map into NAB with its original textures, instead of starting from a grey default texture and having to add all the textures back one by one.  "Hmm...if they use the same textures, yes", was his reply.  Since this map only came out in Unreal Tournament less than a week ago, and since it would take anybody months to do all the texturing here, I think we can conclude that Darth Animal is using this little short cut.  And, looking at the eye candy above, I am not in any way blaming him!
   The screenshot was taken in "ghost" mode, as that seemed the only way to give some impression of the size and scope of this map.  This map uses the SGTech1 texture pack from UT, as did the original, and it surely makes for a wonderful place to explore.
   This beta is not finished yet.  Darth has added some excellent ambient sounds, and managed to give two out of (I think) four bouncers a great "chunk!" sound effect (the small JumpPadSound.uax
sound file is in the zip file, you need to put it in c:\program files\atari\nerf\sounds of course, if "c" is the drive you have your NAB stuff on) - the other two are silent.  I spotted one water outflow that wasn't textured, and one place at least that should have an ambient sizzling sound.  Weapons and pick-ups have been added, so that the map can be play-tested properly - hey, with something this fine-looking, people want it done right, yes?  If you have Darth's
Obsessive Remix then you already have that texture file, and may well be tempted to download this "beta" and try it out.  If not, perhaps you'd do best to wait for the final version.