ATAT Barge Remix
RR: 8.0
How high should marks for remixes go?  This is a very large map with some very nice things in it, but most of the work, of course, was done by Pat "BadKarma" Fitzsimons, who made it for Unreal Tournament, where it has proved very popular - except with the men in suits from Lucasfilms, that is!  But of course in the time it took Flame to add all the needed textures here, he could have done a small-to-medium-size original map.  To keep the Imperial atmosphere from the Star Wars movies, Flame has used a lot of metal textures here, but varied ones, and he has added some nice contrasting colours, and intelligently arranged weapons and pick-ups; the skybox is great, too, for one of the few maps that has its skybox underneath!  Part of it is visible in the screenshot, at bottom left - sadly from this angle you can't see the imperial star destroyers, but I wanted to show at least a partial view of the All Terrain Armoured Transport "ATAT" inside its barge, which in turn is inside the transport ship!  And the lighter-coloured thing at the right, only partially in shot, is a small shuttle you can leap aboard for a quick trip to the barge's roof...
  "Darth Animal did the first stage of exporting it from UT and importing it into NAB, but Flame has spent many hours doing all the texturing, weapon placement, etc,"  the Star Wars Clan site says, so well done to both of them.  Provided you can get enough players together, or invite plenty of Bots, then this will be a fine place to play and explore, with plenty of lifts, corridors, walkways, and slightly annoying teleporters that it is all too easy to walk through a second time on your way out, so that you end up back where you started!
   This looks like a must-have new NAB map, whether you are in the ever-expanding Star Wars Clan or not!  A shame it doesn't have the movie music, like the UT original - but we don't want those Lucas lawyers sending rude letters to our people now, do we?
this map uses the Tlabcomp, detail and gators texture files, which can also be downloaded via the Star Wars Clan site!
this is the place to get it from!