Sun Tzu
RR: 9.0
Another well-known remixer of maps from UT to NAB was saying that he was glad he hadn't remixed this map - because FeEdiKo had done such a much better job of it than he could have done!  The screenshot here doesn't really do the place justice, but this deserves to be right up there with other great remixes like Condemned, HoverCraft, and Essence - all by Fee, come to think of it!
  This is a great place to see, to explore, and to do battle in, so, assuming a fairly hefty 6.08MB download (for the textures, sounds, and Tobio Trees, as well as the map itself) isn't a problem for you, grab this right away.  Oh, it appears on Server Listings as "Fee's War Academy", lol!
  I checked the Unreal Tournament original map, and Fee has done an exceptionally good job at duplicating its effects here.  The skybox seems the same, and very eye-catching it is, too!  And the hidden room with the big keg'o'health, or megapower, seems uncannily similar - including the slogans on the walls, the animation on the screen, and the remarkably, er, "catchy" music...
  If you liked the "musical health" from Essence Remix, you will be glad to know it's back again, while the weapons and pick-ups are great, the lifts work nicely, and the sound effects are all very atmospheric.   Really, if you want an exotic, eye-candy map that's excellent for playing in as well as exploring, this place is hard to beat!