Techno Tourney Remix
RR: 7.5
Darth Animal has used the quake3a texture file here, so make sure you have it - you ought to, as a lot of SLAM's best-looking maps rely on it!
   Darth is, as before, a little shaky on weapon and pick-up placement, but the map looks pretty nice thanks to the textures, which it must be hard to go wrong with.  He seems to have chosen a pretty good UT map to remix, which is the main thing; the Bots are keen, the place is well-designed, and it all works pretty well.  The "Techno" reference is apparently the name of a UT clan, there is certainly nothing "techno" about the map in UT or here...
   So, for a useful map for two to four players, this could be a welcome addition to your portfolio!