Tie Bay Remix
RR: 7.5
Another "Star Wars" remix from Star Wars Clan's Darth Animal - I know that he had nothing to do with the architecture, just the importing and texturing for NAB, but the result is a seriously nice arena. This time the special UT Star Wars texture file deathstarpf has been used - not a huge texture file, as these things go, and if it means the tie fighters and tilings are authentic, worth the effort!
   Darth seems to have used a lot of grey, as you can see, but that seems right.  Plenty of corridors around the sides, as is usual with these DeathStar maps, into which a generous amount of ammo and weaponry has been put... after all, a map this big could play host to quite a few players, and we don't want them to run out of stuff to shoot, do we?
   The main bay/hangar is the main arena, though, and as you can see it looks good.  You get a good view of one of the four tie fighters (which was the idea of the screenshot) - when you play there it may not be there long, as if you shoot at it, it will explode, flinging bits around!  Not much of an explosion, with the NAB Engine, but still...  And that means that team games here could be good - one team tries to defend the tie fighters, the other tries to destroy them!   As with UT's "Assault" mode, you could make a note of how long until the last of the four was hit, then restart the server with the teams changing round.
    So, another Star Wars map to recommend, available from the Star Wars Clan site, along with that texture file.  I gather that another "Deathstar" map is unlikely to be remixed, as it has some bad clipping.  A "Docking Bay" in that map includes the Millenium Falcon - but NAB players, being bigger than UT ones, can't get inside.  But with this, ATAT Barge Remix and Naboo Remix (both mainly by Flame, with some assistance from Darth Animal - while I gather Flame did actually add some more weapons and ammo to this one), Star Wars fans in NAB will be well served...