Barracuda Assault
RR: 8.0
SLAM has taken the old, familiar Barracuda pointblast map, and brutally lopped off most of the two main levels, then added some fairly restricted, and almost unlit little passageways to take you around what is left, including up to the top of this area.
  I suppose I will have to see how it actually plays.  "Remember the good times we used to have on- line playing team games, with one team holding "The Base" and the other team trying to take it? Well, I've taken the map and cut away the nonessential parts, leaving a great team map behind...with a few useful modifications. It has the same feel, while making players focus more on a team based game."
   So, check it out, a strange blend of the familiar and the unknown.  I don't think it is one of SLAM's greatest achievements, but it ought to be fun!