Barracuda Complex
RR: 7.5
One of those maps where to take a screenshot that gives any idea of the place, you have to go into "ghost" mode and fly outside, and take a shot of how the rooms are linked together!  A bit like the previous (second) map by G.Wynn, Cavern, then, though this time he has kept to a couple of the original on-the-disk NAB texture files - which means you shouldn't have any problems playing this map even if you don't have half the Unreal Tournament textures in your NAB folder!  It also makes for more of a unity of theme, which has to be good.
  G.Wynn has made good use of water and ambient sounds here; I would probably have bumped the "Reaper Rating" up by another half-point if he had managed to create a skybox; moving blue-cloud coloured ceilings just don't look the same!
  Over on the NAB Forums, SLAM's comment is "Well, all I can say is, G.Wynn is getting there :-). At least he didn't use ambient lighting. Although it's obvious it IS a n00b map, the overall layout isn't that bad. I think this kid has a future."  Ace says "I tried out G.Wynn's map, and it is better than SLAM's Forest" - which for craftsmanship may be true, but for playability, I think not.
  The problem with this kind of map is that, while great for exploring, it's too big, and the parts too isolated, for fighting.  If you're in one room, Player2 is probably three rooms (and corridors) away, and it will be a while before you meet...and then, a few seconds later, one of you will respawn at the far end of the map.  Put in half-a-dozen Bots and you won't get this problem, but for online play, it would be a slow session.
  Anyway, it is a suitable improvement over map two - and leaves me eager to see map four!  Not that I want G.Wynn to rush it, I want him to read up on the UnreadEd tutorials (particularly on skyboxes), and generally wait for inspiration for a great NAB map idea.