Totem Towers
RR: 5.5
Okay, this is a newbie first attempt at a map, and as such should be encouraged, I guess; it is a good idea to learn how to work in NerfEd by taking an old map and playing about with it, and I suppose it is not a bad idea to decide to let other people see it, but really, as a playing experience there is not much to recommend a reworking of Morpheus Remix...
  In his ReadMe, BlobBlob says " This map is my first map and is just a remix of DM-Morpheus for UT by Dave Ewing. There is a secret area on top of one of the Totem Poles with hyperstrikes for snipers. You may respawn on this area but, if not, use the fly cheat to get up. I haven't really added much to the map apart form the totem poles and obviously retexturing which uses the standard nerf textures. Enjoy!"  If he started from the UT map rather than the NAB version, it is a little bit of a waste, as he could have chosen a UT map we had never seen before instead of one on the Thunder Clan's Dedicated Server roster.  The textures are pretty similar to the standard NAB version, though a couple of mirrors add a nice touch. 
  So, not a map to put high on your "Maps I must download" list, but it is always good to welcome a new NAB mapper!