TT-Ship Test
RR: unf
SLAM has quite a lot more work to do here yet, but what he has done so far is very nice indeed.  You have probably seen better views of the skybox than this, on his site, but here we see the two great spaceships (which will contain the two "Target Tag" bases), and the large asteroid with two gun turrets on its top, and a hangar area down below containing what is probably the coolest-looking flying mover yet - though something in CD Base runs it close!  As usual, the mover tips out the pilot after a while, leaving him to drift in space - but, not to worry, for a nice change people don't float away and die, after a while they just gently bounce back up again!  Remind me to add at least one "RR" point for that when the final version is released...
  Only the left-hand (from our point of view) gun turret fires at the moment, at the left-hand ship, blowing its top off - and only the left-hand ship has been "hollowed out" thus far, allowing us inside, and able to fire on (and cause damage to) the other ship, and fire on (and blow apart!) the asteroid.
  But it is already a great place to explore - if you like the movers and shaking bits of SLAM's old map Pacific Fury, chances are you will love this, even before weapon placement and finishing touches.  So go to the NAB Gallery site, and check where SLAM has put the download - probably still on his "Desk" page.
   West Seiydder kindly showed me round, at about 3:00am his time, about four hours before he had to get up and head off to summer camp.  Thanks, Dev!