TT Soccer Stadium
RR: 8.0
It took Blades longer than he expected to get this map finished and running properly, but it looks as if it was worth the wait.  "It is a pretty fun map - it is Target Tag, and it has weapons everywere. It has underground sewers, and it looks like the crowd is taking pictures, and its pretty fun to run up and down the sewers.  It also has some pretty interesting things and it is what I like to call "Capture The Flag with Nerf" (TT).  Ya, I'm so excited, HeHeHe.  No more hints, you will have to find out on your own, so what are you waiting for - hurry! =)"
   Well, that about covers it; the "target tag" triggers are below ground, where you can run from one end to the other, returning to the surface with some megajumping.  Bots seem happy to run and fight on the main pitch, there are plenty of weapons and pick-ups nicely arranged, and all in all it is good to have a small "TT" map where two-man teams would be all you need.  Fine for pointblast too.  It looks good; the spectators are just pictures on the vertical walls, and the "looks like the crowd is taking pictures" is just the flickering lighting there, but otherwise, a fine bit of original work.
the site that Blades built needed to run this map - check that you already have it - or download here!