(TT) Tycoon Bonus
RR: 7.5
Well this isn't the first time that the Orbital Bonus arena has been retextured with snow, last year Icedude gave us his Merry Christmas version - but BLades has added the "Target Tag" set-up this time, as well as a slightly disconcerting "deep snow" effect down at ground level!
  As you can see, it all looks suitably wintry.   The "Target Tag" element comes in with special new rooms which lead off the chambers at either end where the pulsator and nerfcannon are kept.  Hit a trigger at one end, and the room at the other end opens, so that your team-mate can go in, shoot the targets, and snap up some of those floating points-lozenges.  In fact, there is a small opening that allows you to see in, and if you are careful you can probably hit at least one target for yourself...
  This seems a good layout for "Target Tag", with the two ends not too far apart, and plenty to do in between.  Everything in the way of pick-ups and weaponry seems to be where one expects it to be. which is fine, there's no reason to fiddle with a basically good map.  So, grab this one, so that an on-line team game will be possible!  I don't think you will get the Bots to play "TT" unfortunately, so off-line this would only be a novelty...but still worth checking out, I guess!
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