Tweety's Big Tree
RR: 8.0
  A while ago,  Tweety sent me the picture that's now below - but now the final version of this map has been released, and we have our own picture, and our own "download now" button!  This is not a particularly complex map, as you can see.  Inside the tree there is a staircase up to branch level, and going along inside there you'll find the electroshield; dive into the outdoor swimming pool provided and you'll get the triple strike, while go onto the decking at the back of the shot and grab the scattershot.  A pair of megajumps are close to those crates below the branch, and allow you to leap up onto it in easy stages and get to the whomper...
  It all looks accessible and playable to me.  As you can imagine, it's not a huge download, so I suggest that you go for it - there aren't many new maps coming out at the moment, after all!  After all the quake3a and richrig-textured remixes and other complicated maps, this strikes me as a very welcome breath of fresh air.