Voac Remix
RR: 7.0
The "Voac Remix Beta 1" was the first remix from Darth Animal - and according to the ReadMe, this was the first map that the original maker made!  It was obvious that Darth had not fully mastered NerfEd then, what with invisible water, a gently moving sky textured as bricks, and lights and flames still in their raw forms - but I think we have seen that before, and not just in Alcatraz Remix!  This new version is an improvement, he seems at least to have sorted the "skybox" out, and the pick-ups and weapons seem to have had a bit more thought put into them.
   It looks as if Darth did the main bit, finding a decent map to convert, pretty well - and this second attempt at texturing is quite good, in a subdued way.  It used Tux_the_Penguin's "legal" set of textures, PU-misc; if you have got Tmon & Tux's maps such as Fool's Bravado Remix, Warehouse, and Empowered Remix, then you have got it, otherwise, check your texture folder!  You may well find you need the SkyBox one as well, as the moon or planet in the sky is not the usual one...
   I know I couldn't do any better, after all, not exactly being famed for my mapmaking, so I shouldn't criticise someone's, well, fairly early efforts at remixing -  if it means that we get some beautifully- designed, top-rated Unreal Tournament maps to play NAB in, we're on to a good thing!  If you would like to get a little insight into how these maps are done, then why not compare the two versions - the first try, below, had an awful lot of over-clean NAB brick in it, while the "finished" version, as seen above, has a rather nicer mix of more realistic brick, and timber you can practically smell!  The pick-ups are improved between the two (though I do wonder why there are so many "megajumps" around now...) - it is just interesting how much the texture changes alter the "feel" of the place.  Heck, it isn't a very big download - but if you only want one version, go for the new one by using the "Download Now" button, okay?
they may still have the "beta1" version, if you want to compare the two... the finished version...
the "skybox" texture, needed for the above!