Vindictive Remix
RR: 7.5
Another remix from Darth Animal, using, like Obscura Remix, the richrig texture file mainly (which came in the zip file with Obscura, so is not enclosed this time!), plus, I am assured, a few oddments that you have got on the NAB disc.
  Well, it certainly seems very faithful to the Unreal Tournament original, and the Bots seem pretty much at home here, and ready to give you  good hard game.  "Looks..... grey", B-Ball commented, and he's not far wrong, but at least NAB players are full of colour, so the final effect, during a game, should be okay.  Ramps, stairs, dark corners, partially-textured lifts - a nice addition to your collection, for some deathmatch-style goodness.

from the Star Wars Clan site, that is!