Vex Remix
RR: 7.5
Another brand-new UT map remixed to NAB by Darth Animal - and it look rather fun in its way!  Not particularly huge, and looking much as richrig maps tend to do, it ought to be a good place for a high- intensity pointblast party for a few players.  Or the Bots seem to like it fine too, grabbing all the good stuff and generally giving you a hard time!
  The ceilings are pretty low here.  As NAB players tend to be larger than their UT equivalents, this does mean that one particular short corridor can only be used by the shorter players.  Todd had no problems, but Ted just couldn't get through.  That's not the first time this sort of thing has turned up, for example shorter players have the same advantage in HoverCraft...
  So, another nice new remix to play in.  Nothing awe-inspiring, but well worth getting, especially if you play as a short person!
go here for the download!