Wacky Weapons
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Sometimes, as with Icedude's work here, the best thing to do is reprint the "ReadMe" file provided:
Wackyweaps - By Icedude
This is a weapon pack to be used in your maps.  Just open the package and place like normal inventory.  There are 6 new guns, a target tag target, 1 new projectile, and 4 kinds of new pickups.
Unzip Instructions
Unzip WackyWeaps.u to your Nerf\System folder
Unzip PM-WackyWeapsTut.nrf to your Nerf\Maps Folder
Unzip this file if you want to
New weapons
The Gooer-
Fires goo-balls in both modes

The Nukerer-
primary=Fires a Super damage TS style rocket
secondary=does nuthin

The Pulse Blaster-
primary=Fires CD
secondary=Fires MM Ball

Suicide Explosives-
Primary=Rapidly fires rockets
Secondary= Blows you up with the power of 8 whomper blasts!  Only use as last resort!

The TripleBarrel Frisbee Launcher-
Primary=Fires a frisbee
Secondary=Fires 3 frisbees at once

The Zapzo-
Primary=rapidly fires Nerfcannon ball missiles
Secondary=fires 8 Ts rockets at once
New Inventory
Evil Genius Speed Shoes-
speeds you up faster and longer than normal speed shoes

Evil Genius Jump Shoes-
lets you jump higher than normal jump shoes, also lasts longer

Evil Genius Health Backpack-
Sets your health to 200 whatever your health is

Quad Damage-
does quadruple the damage instead of the usual double
New Other
hit once to get 5000 points, use instead of 5 1000 point targets

fired from the nukerer
Other & Credits
I hope you will enjoy these new additions and include this readme in any zips including this weapon pack

Created by Icedude
Beta testing by Ace and Icedude
Tutorial Map By Icedude

Special thanks to Weapons of Destruction (www.planetunreal.com/wod) for their weapon-making tutorial.

    And there you have it; this is not much of a map, as a map, but it does include all these cool new weapons.  Unless a "mutator" can be made, only maps that have these things built into them will be actually able to support the use of these weapons and pick-ups, which incidentally look exactly the same as various regular Nerf ArenaBlast items.  I would suggest avoiding using the alternate fire mode of the suicide explosives gun - Icedude, when demonstrating, boosted my health up to a ludicrously high amount, and firing that caused me to lose 100,000 health points.  It would be interesting to build it into a version of Nerf Neighbourhood, and see if firing it killed everyone in the whole server!  The primary fire, though, of rapid-firing rockets, is very enjoyable to use... The augmented megaspeed and megajump are great, though with the jump, although you are protected when it is working, if it finally expires when you are in mid-air, you are going to lose a few health points when you land.  It does mean that maps can be constructed with bigger heights to jump, so I think the jump is perhaps the most useful bit of engineering here... though a single 5000-point target, for use in "Target Tag", would simplify matters sometimes, even if it looks more like a trigger than a target.
    So, some good stuff here - mapmakers who are tempted should contact Icedude for details on how to put these things into their own maps.