WolfPack Training Map
RR: 6.5
A first map from G.Wynn, founder of the "Wolf Pack" clan - and, as you can see, it is not a bad start at all.  As you would expect, you get a cloud-coloured ceiling rather than a skybox, but he has got the hang of water and, while he has (probably wisely) kept to a fairly limited range of textures, it all looks pretty reasonable.
  I think you could tell this was a "newbie map" from a few things, though: the couple of floating points-lozenges (though some people put dozens of them in, and lag the map out!), the appearance of a "secret shot II" or two floating in mid-air (like, you already have one of those, with unlimited ammo...), the little green 50-whomper-ammo things which never have worked, the ball-cannon that looks like a Mighty Mo but is really just for ballblast, and, going down into the pit in the foreground, steps so large that you have to jump up them one by one.  And that central podium area seems to be hovering a couple of inches above the ground, come to that...
   Click on [F1] and you will find reference to a Ted bot, on zero points - I never found him, despite going to "ghost" and checking for secret areas.  I hope that wasn't anything to do with me adding the "levelinfo" and absent-mindedly rebuilding the map after that, which it didn't really need!
   Anyway, it is a first map to be proud of, and I hope that G.Wynn will follow it up with more maps, always trying to add a bit new as he goes along.   Checking out the tutorials for skyboxes would be a good next move; anyone just starting out ought to visit Tiggy's site's page on NerfEd (here), which in turn has a link to the UnrealEd tutorials, which generally apply to NAB as well.   If you find you enjoy map-making, there is a lot of extra stuff that you can include, such as sounds, triggers, movers both for doors and elevators... but just browse around, and see if you're tempted.  But, getting back to this map, it seems an excellent start, and I hope we see more!